Trinity Oaks Gets “Yarn Bombed”

By Katie Scarvey

For the Salisbury Post

When a group from Trinity Oaks retirement community visited Daniel Vineyards in the town of Crab Orchard, West Virginia, they spotted a tree that appeared to be wearing a colorful sweater.

Intrigued and inspired, the visitors learned that they’d seen a “yarn bombing,” a quirky type of public art.

Trinity Oaks – which is full of artistic types – just had to get in on the action.

Resident Marie Magaletti agreed to organize the project, recruiting crocheters to contribute squares that she then stitched together. She stitched some more to get the finished creation to fit snugly around the tree that had been selected to display the art.

On Thursday afternoon, dozens of residents and staff members gathered outside Trinity Oaks for the much-anticipated unveiling.

Maintenance director Bob Yost removed the sheets that were hiding the bottom part of a Yoshino cherry tree (alas, not a “Trinity oak”), revealing the trunk and lower branches that had been bedecked in vibrant blue and green.

The project was a collaboration of handiwork among residents including Magaletti, Russie Hattaway, Betty Weant, Oma Lee Eagle, Gaynelle Leonard, and Emmy Whitney. Staff members Maggi Blizzard, Debbie Snyder, and Darlene Bare also took part.

So why yarn bomb? Because yarn bombing brings unexpected beauty and whimsy to an outdoor space, participants said. It also lifts spirits and creates community.

“This has been a lot of fun,” said Bill Johnson, executive director of Trinity-Rowan Senior Services. “We’d like to challenge others in the community to do some yarn bombing of their own.”

Katie Scarvey is a communications specialist for Lutheran Services Carolinas.