Real Estate Forecasting and Successful Home Staging

Selling your home in today’s real estate market requires a lot more savvy than most of us realize.  That’s why we have invited Lori Fike of Chaos to Calm and Vanessa Miles of Allen Tate Realtors to let us in on the secrets of staging your home and report on the current real estate market in our area.

Staging a home is a vital element of selling a home.  “Homeowners have difficulty seeing their home from a buyer’s perspective,” said Vanessa.  “They often allow clutter, oversized furniture and clothing to overtake square footage and closet space.”

Lori Fike tells us that homes that are beautifully staged command highter prices and sell faster.  Learn the “Calm” system to turn your house into one buyers can’t wait to live in.

Learn about staging and the current real estate market at this important Trinity Oaks even on Monday, October 15, from 2:00 until 3:30 pm.  Please call Linda at 704-603-9204 to reserve your spot!