The wellbeing of our residents is our reason for being here each day and we take our jobs very seriously. That is why we have been vigilantly keeping up to date on each new development of the COVID-19 virus and are taking preventative measures to ensure the safety of each resident. Weeks ago we began with safety education measures, encouraging even then for residents to stay in, wash their hands often and be smart to stay safe.

SAFETY measures COVID-19

As the situation has progressed, we have adopted measures of safety like maintaining distances between the apartment and cottage residents. We stopped all outside visitors and vendors from entering the building and screen all others who must enter like staff and medical professionals.

Communal dining service stopped and residents take comfort in knowing that the kitchen will deliver three nutritious meals right to their door each day. Sent along with the meals are written communications, including encouragements, education and updates on services.

Though residents are free to move about inside the building, they are cautioned to keep their 6 feet of social distance and meet in the open living spaces like the library, living room, club room, wellness center and pool with groups of no more than four at a time.

The residents are all appreciative and know that we have their best interests in mind! Please stay well take this outbreak as seriously as we are and stay at home like we are here at Trinity Oaks.